poly u 計分方法

我知poly u 有個特別計分方法

例如average score=10.6

cut off score=8

黠樣可以知道AL, AS, & 語文佔咩比重??

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  • 1 十年前

    poly u count AL time 1 and AS times 0.6

    e.g.i got A in AL phy and A in M&S=5x1+5x0.6=8

    poly usually count as much subject as u take part, like taking 3 AL hv advantages on 2 AL.

    about the language, it depends on ur sucject u get,

    eg, when u take part in engineering corse, physics is more important and count more

    so, it solely depends on what subject u wanna enter.

    資料來源: myself and my brothers
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