~~Temperature VS Volume~~

What is/are the formula(e) that illustrate(s) the relationship between temperature and volume of a liquid of mass m?

Please in terms of whatever necessary to the formula (e.g. specific heat capacity, surrounding pressure, heat coefficient).

Thanks a lot~

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    The formula is:

    V2 = V1[1+.C.(T2-T1)]

    where V1 is the original volume of the liquid (in metre cube) at temperature T1(in unit of K or deg.C); V2 is the new volume at temperature T2.

    C is the coefficient of volume expansivity (or cubic expansitivity) of the liquid.

    For water, C is not a constant but depends on temperature. It takes the value of 0.53x10^-4 K^-1 at 5-10 deg.C, 1.5x10^-4 K^-1 at 10-20 deg.C... etc.

    e.g. if 5 mL of water at 5 deg.C is heated to 10 deg.C, the new volume is,

    V(new) = 5x[1+0.53x10^-4(10-5)] mL = 5.001325 mL

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    specific heat capacity= E=mcΔT