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[英文]唔該幫幫手翻譯一下! thanks.. 20分

用英文翻譯一下,黎做fashion show既介紹....

今日我地個fashion show既主題就係- evil spirits ..

我地班既model就係kobe and stephy..

kobe is a , 殘酷又美麗的背叛者,黑暗與萬魔的首領。

而stephy就係.. 係光同闍既盡頭,破壞,懲罰,復仇同死亡既守護星。



3 個解答

  • cw
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    The theme of our fashion show today is evil spirits.

    Our models are Kobe and Stephy

    Kobe is a betrayer who is cruel and beautiful, a leader of the dark and all evils

    Stephy is the end of all lights and darkness. She is the gaudian of destruction, punishment, revenge and death

    In order to match the theme, we have chosen many "cool" styling to highlight the devilish character

    I hope each of you will enjoy the show and afterwards please feel free to give us any comment. Now let's enter the world of darkness!!!

    2007-06-27 18:14:42 補充:

    the 3 rd sentence should be Stephy embodies the termination of all lights and darkness. She is the guardian of destruction, punishment, revenge, and death

  • 1 十年前

    The topic of our fashion show today is " evil spirits "

    The two model of our class are kobe and stephy.

    Kobe is the betrayer of cruel and beauty and she is the head of murk and all evil.

    And Stephy is the guardian of destruction,punishment,vengeance and death.

    We have chosen " cool" as the mold to match up our topic and puts across the character of evil.


  • 暱稱
    Lv 5
    1 十年前

    The theme our fashion show is evil spirits......(未完)

    2007-06-27 18:04:02 補充:

    kobe and stephy is the model of our class

    2007-06-27 18:11:14 補充:

    Let me have an introductionkobe is a traitor and brutal but beautiful,she(he) is also a leader of dark and devil

    2007-06-27 18:17:47 補充:

    stephy is the end of light and dark,she also is the defend star of destroy,punish,vengeance and death

    2007-06-27 18:21:53 補充:

    We chose 'cool' to match our theme,and hightlight the character devil

    2007-06-27 18:22:21 補充:


    2007-06-27 18:24:19 補充: