Shipment in China ~ 可行嗎?

We, as a trading company without factory in China, we have got many partner factories in different place of China (North China, East China and Guangdong Province). Due to expensive transportation fee for goods from factories to HK, we would like to check if we could ship the goods directly from China port with the condition that buyers can't check back for the factories information.


As a result, we would like to find a "middle man" to help us. We will buy the goods from factories at the terms of Ex-factory

更新 2:

and pass the goods to the "middle man" for transporting the goods to the nearest port, doing all the custom and documentation including export permit document ~ 出口証.

更新 3:

Pls help and advise If above mentioned situation is possible or not?

更新 4:

I understand that forwarder can change the shipper name on the B/L, but the fact is, the custom issue, we don't want to show the name of the factories. But shippment in China need 出口証, it should be provided by company in China.

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    Dear Kitty Cat

    I can tell you that there are many trading companies no matter in Hong Kong, Taiwan,

    Singapore, Thailand or even in U.S.A , Canada or Europe - are having the same problems in concern with the exposure to their buyers, thus they would like to hire a cargo consolidators or freight forwarders to handle ex work trade terms with their buyers

    covering all charges in china origin and destination charges including all landed costs.

    That means, your goods can be picked up from factories (multiple factories multiple local to multiple destinations (doors) services. whereas freight forwarders can offer an ALL-THE-WAY FREIGHT COSTS to you, including :

    1. Local pick up

    2. Container Trucking

    3. Warehousing & Cargo consolidation including packing, sorting, wrapping etc.,

    4. Import/Export Invoice/Packing list, license/permit, fumigation, inspection, QC etc.,

    ( please note that all documents can be shown you name as shipper/exporter.

    5. Shipping arrangement covering bill of lading

    6. Destination Landed Operations Services, including delivery to door

    7. Customs clearance and customs broker

    8. Assessement of Import Tax and Duty or VAT. GSP etc.,

    9. Warehousing and Distribution

    Evoxlogistics in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai Qingdao etc., are working well for some customers in U.S.A. & Canada. She has offices in U.S.A. to facilitate such services.

    Should you still have doubts you can click or send enquiry to

    me at I will tell you how to work it out.

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    You can find a hk forwarder ,have china office in shanghai or Guangdong,They can consoildate goods in china and shipper can use your co name. Because Mill can transit B/l to you.