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907天與時並進:FOOT-IN-MOUTH 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

Hospital Authority 醫管局 chief executive Shane Solomon 蘇利民 has been forced 被迫 to apologised 道歉 after he accused 控訴 public doctors 公立醫院醫生 of exposing 揭露 medical blunders (blunders 怎解?) to draw attention to their campaign for better pay. But even as Solomon withdrew his remarks about doctors playing politics, another medical blunder was revealed 透露 (reveal 和 expose 的分別?) today.

The above English was written from ATV Main News at 19:30.

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  • keith
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    foot in mouth 來自 put your foot in your mouth ,即係唔小心亂講野衰左,可以譯做「失言」

    blunders = 撞板 (v/n都得)

    reveal 同 expose 兩字都有揭露之意,但係 expose 有揭醜事,惡行o既含意。


    2 a : to make known : bring to light (as something shameful) b : to disclose the faults or crimes of <expose a murderer>