Help me with my english essay please``*

Help me with my english essay please!!!**

The time of your life'

Being a teenager in 2007 brings with its unique experiences and feelings. What is it like to be part of the teenage culture today?

<< That's the title... I don't know what to write about it!! please give me ideas or good sentences!! 700 words =="

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    Teenage culture:

    1. Care about fashion and designer a lot

    2. nonsense sub-culture: always speak nonsense to pass time or make people laugh.

    3. On-line, TV game? Do teenagers take the virtue world more seriously than the reality? Why?

    May be you can talk about yours unique experiences and feeling towards this three points!!!

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    Oh! And remember the title is --the time of your life. So, stressing it's the teenage culture in 2007 would be good !

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    Being A Teenager in Hong Kong

    A moral cancer that strikes at the heart of the teenage community-----materialism. Under the populat teenage culture of us, the interests in the pleasure of the world dominate our mind in everyday life. Selfishiness, empty-minded , and no world of the spirit are some of the common adjectives to describe many of my friends.

    It willl be unrealistic and even foolish to deny our love of the world's famous brands. From as small as the accessories put in our hair to as big as the school bags, we use the things that are as famous, popular and attractive as possible to attract the peer's approval. Under the prevailing culture, dressing as if they poor, stupid and fat is much worse than failing all subjects in examinations. Also, we must pretend that we know more than we actually have such as the world's prestigious brands, TV and movie stars, latest PSP or NDS and so on no matter how ignorant we really are. Otherwise, othes feel that we are like an alien coming from another planet!

    Teenagers likes us need to behave in a similar way as the social norm. This also make it hard to be an ideal member in school and family in the eyes of our teachers and parents. Although I honesstly feel that we must spend as mich time as possible in studying, I can hardly do it under the pressures from my friends and classmates. Others sometimes make bad jokes using me as the main topic if I don't go out socializing with them. They think I am anti-social, a pathetic bookworm and "mummy's girl" if I refuse them going out. Thus, many of my friends date boys to prove that they are popular and friendly. This is foolish but is our social culture.

    Teenagers like us also love to spend time contacting among the others on the telephone and internet. My mother often says that teenagers nowadays seldom care about the feelings of their parents, relatives, and teachers. I agree with her viewpoint to the extend thatteenagers are more egoistic. Very seldom do I receive assistance from friends in case of need. If whaat I say appears boring for them, they do not spend time in understanding my viewpoint, let alone caing about my feelings. Thus, the hours spentin the web or phone are mainly about some unimpoartant gossips.

    Although many features of the teenagers nowadays seem quite negative, it is important to fit in the group. These friends and classmates are important social network in the future. Teenagers is part of the members of the Hong Kong society as a whole. They are eaily influences by the external surroundings. The society, therefore, has to share the responsibility too. But no matter what, it is quite luck to say that teenage problem in Hong Kong is not the worse of the world.