Engineering Drawing Orthographic Projection?

i want to know if elevation(front view) and ehd view are given , how to draw a plan(Top view) step by step??And when do we use dotted(hidden) line??

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    it is not easy to teach you by written, you can try If you got a camera, put it standing at upright position then you got the elevation, view it at front, you got its end view, view from top, means stand over the camera, looking downward, you can got the plan view, it may be a rectangle shape, consist of circles, it is some buttons, some square, it is some label of each function, may be an arrow inside those square, etc..

    may be your camera has a lens extruded at three stroke, in plan view, you will have 3 rectangle, for if there has some thing, such as a hole, a small knob beneath the lens but cannot view from plan, therefore, those things need to show in hidden line, but not some labels. there has a screw hole for fix the camera stand, that hoe will show by hidden line.

    or you can try in other way to understanding about plan view,

    imagine to have a ball covered by a piece of paper in square shape, from the elevation, you will got a line over a circle, also at end view, but on plan view, you need to show it in a circle with hidden line inside a square ,. remenber hidden line ---- 3mm, space, 3mm, space......don't show it in dot line , that's all I can tell you.

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    sorry, I forgot to write down drawing steps, but now I need to go to sleep, I will back on 27-6 20:00

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    give me your email addressI will send you a sample drawing

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    I will leave HK on 28-6-2007 17:30

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    On your new drawingDrawing a datum line from left to right

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    Place front view at left hand side, elevation at central, end view at right, sit on the datum line, leave space between each other, make sure three view are at the same level.

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    Generate a project line A from end view at most right, in one time of end view height, then turn 45º to left, length same as end view height.

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    Generate a project line B from front view at most left, in one time of end view height, then turn 45º to right continue to go to meet project line A, as project line C.

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    Create 2 project lines from elevation left and right to meet project line C, now, you have the length of plan view, continue to create project line from Front view,

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    End view and elevation, to meet with plan view, when each 2 lines meet together, refer to their starting point, you will got the line of plan view.