Manage Vs Lead

What's the difference between 'manage' and 'lead' in the context of management?

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  • Mick
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    A manager manages things, money, accounts, processes (e.g. budgeting process), and so forth.

    A leader leads people, who have a freedom of choice.


    A manager manages by directing his/her staff.

    A leader leads by trusting and empowering his/her followers.


    A manager manages with formal power. For example, your organisation gives all department managers power because of their position.

    A leader does not lead with formal power but leads with charisma. For example, the project team members want Mr X to be the team leader because he is more suitable. The team members like Mr X and listen to him. In this case, the team leader has charisma but not any formal power.


    A manager manages by following rules to achieve results, sales targets, and so forth (i.e. doing things right).

    A leader leads by creating a new vision and new ideas for people to follow (i.e. doing the right things).


    A manager manages with an analytical mind and IQ to solve problems (i.e. managing from the left brain).

    A leader leads with a creative mind and EQ to energize people (i.e. leading from the right brain).


    A manager manages stability and ensures order among his/her staff.

    A leader leads change and helps his/her followers adapt to a changing environment.