BBUS of University of Southern Queensland by Informatics

我報左informatics同University of Southern Queensland, Aust合辦既BBUS課程.....




1.係咪可以讀一兩個sem跟住轉過去on campus咁讀?我果陣都問過informatics....佢地既答覆都幾濛糊....一時又話應該得...一時又話要考IELTS...但我個fd(o係果邊讀緊)就話唔駛....

2.如果我讀一兩個sem跟住轉過去on campus咁讀....第時張cert 會唔會寫明同informatics合辦?

3.而家我睇晒d introdutory book....但都唔係太清楚點樣讀.....有冇人讀過呢d冇堂上既遙距課程可以分享下?


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  • Eve
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    1 十年前

    1. I don't think except you take Tofel or IELTS. But I think you can go there 2-3 weeks for an exchange program--but don't go! It's a waste of $, there is nothing you can see there. The school is just trying to earn more $.

    2. No. The cert. you get will have the school name only--no informatics. But the problem is this type of school is very popular nowadays. Even without the name of Informatics, many people knows that this course is offered with Informics. HK people are very smart.

    3. My friend studied MBA (distant-learning). He said that you should try to email the school to contact your instructor for questions. Also, do you know if there is any classmates telephone #. If you can some people and try to form a study grou[, it will be better than studying the course by yourself. Check with your school to see if there will be any tea parties where all the students will attend then try to know more people there.

    4. 我交功課同exam都應該係直接交去澳洲果邊改 all the schools of this type always say that but who knows. One school even said that they will send one representative overseas to get the homework and examination. But later on, many people discover that this program is actually available for USA adult students (without any qualifications) to take in the website only. No need to go to school at all. This is very famous school (TOP 50) in the USA. 合格率方面 I think it will not be too hard. Should be Easy. Also, the school sometimes will see all students in the same subject do to determine the passing rate and what marks will be the passing mark. For example, if many students only get 40 in one subject. Then 40 will be the passing grade. But if many get 90 and some get 80. Because the average is high for the class, so 80 will be the passing grade.

    One thing I should say is many of these distant learning 遙距課程 is not accepted by Hong Kong governemnet. Please call Hong KOng Academics Assessment Association to check if the name of this school is listed there .

    Actually, why don't you study Open University of HK if you don't mind 遙距課程. Although the name of HKOU is not as good but at least it is accepted by the HK governement.

  • 1 十年前

    1. 你要 pass, at least 都要 40 分架

    2. 假設其他同學都係 80 分, 而你只係 40 分, 你都係 pass 架, 但當然 grade 唔同啦

    3. Informatics 我都有讀緊, 佢唔算係乜都要錢的學校, 當然要收的錢, 佢地一定會收喇, 佢地亂, 係因為 2006 年 4 月份改左 syllabus 啫, 都係星架坡果邊問題居多, 如果你讀 U, 係唔洗經星架坡果邊架, 放心喇 ~

  • 1 十年前

    對Informatics不熟悉. 但建議有得選擇就要搵d是與香港的高等院校協辦的海外課程, 起碼認受性較高, 會倒閉的風險較低.