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How Dual-clutch Transmissions Work?

How Dual-clutch Transmissions Work?

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  • Arthur
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    1 十年前

    The Volkswagen's Dual-clutch Transmission is called Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG).

    Here is the function of DSG which I found in the Golf GTI catalog:

    DSG is a manual gearbox in which the gearshifts are controlled

    electronically. What makes the DSG unique is that it has 2

    separate gear sets operated by 2 wet multi-plate clutches. The

    benefit of 2 gear sets and 2 multi-plate wet clutches is that one

    gear set and clutch is engaged driving the vehicle with the

    second clutch having already pre-selected the next gear

    awaiting for power to be transferred. As the next gear has already

    been pre-selected prior to power being applied, the gear change

    only takes 3–4 100ths of a second. There is virtually no

    interruption to power, traction or acceleration.

    資料來源: Volkswagen Golf GTI catalog