HELP!!!!! interview遇到一問題,要reply email in english

問題: 你是採購文員,客戶訂左批衫,你找了A廠生產。A廠生產完發覺有幾件車得唔係幾好,但你又趕住出貨比客。請就此情況分別撰寫英文電郵給客戶及A廠。

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    You are so lucky. My auntie is a merchandiser. she is going to give you some good answers

    IF發覺有幾件車得唔係幾好, you will ask the customer to give you more days to make the orders so that you can give some good quality. This question is asking you what should you do if in case 發覺有幾件車得唔係幾好, 考你的IQ, you must make up one reason why you need 延期


    Subject: Order #XXXXXXX (Style #XXXX)

    We have received the notice of the factory that the handcraft of XXshirts can't meet the standard we need. So now the factory cannot produce the complete orders your company required in the delivery date as there asren't enough materials to produce. Therre are XX shirts/sweaters that they are not able to product. We come up with two options for you:

    Option A: We will ask the factory to book the materials needed to produce the

    remaining order. But the delivery date貨期 needs to be extended 延 to July10.

    Option B: We will keep the original delivery date without the XXshirts/seeater.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience we cause. Please give us your reply promptly.

    Best Regards,

    Your name

    __________________________________________________________________________Factory A

    Sunject: Contract No.1234 (Style No.XXX)

    We have inspected your production. We discovered that the quality of XXX shirts/sweaters are not up to our standards. So we can't ship the complete order to the customer. We are now contacting the customer to see if they will give us more days to re-make the orders or it will not require us to re-make.

    In case of any loss and consequences, your factory will be solely responsible for.

    Best Regards,

    (Your Name)