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  • 1 十年前

    Southern China has a Subtropical Monsoon climate and a Tropical Monsoon climate, where the main crops are paddy rice and waterways used to be the main transportation mode in ancient times.

    - High temperature and precipitation during Summer: As the angle of the sun is large during Summer, therefore, the temperature becomes relatively high and the Southeast Monsoon from the high sea temperature brings in sufficient amount of precipitation.

    - Warm climate and low precipitation during Winter: The average temperature of the coldest month is above zero degrees celcius with a warm climate due to a few reasons including the lower local latitude and the affect of the black tides, the distance from the Winter Monsoon Source Region and the difference in the altitude of the land. Therefore, the Winter Monsoon is weakened.

    - Notable Monsoon

    - The tropical cyclone influences the weather in Summer and Autumn.

    1. High temperature throughout the year

    Located in the tropic regions, the areas have long summers and no winter. Half a year of winter, the high

    mountainous areas in the North and the plateaus block the cold air to move to the South, leading to a higher

    temperature during the Winter in this region.

    2. Obvious difference between the wet and dry seasons

    It is easy to classify the seasons into three, including dry season, rainy season and hot season. Under the

    influence of the dry, northeastern monsoon, there is minimal precipitation during Winter. The hot season occurs

    before the Southwestern monsoon approaches and is also the hottest season in the year. The Southwestern

    monsoon which blows in to the land from the sea causes the rainy season to occur.

    3. Notable Monsoon

    During dry seasons, the high pressure in the land releases Northeastern Monsoon which enters the Equatorial

    belt of convergence in the sea.

    During the rainy season, the semi-high pressure from Southern hemisphere creates a Southwestern Monsoon

    which enters into the Tull low pressure region.

    4. Tropical cyclone is prevailing. With the synchronization of the "Summer Monsoon", mid-May to mid-September

    every year becomes the season that Tropical Cyclone prevails.

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  • KY
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    1 十年前

    South China belongs to subtropics monsoon climate as well as the tropical monsoon climate, take paddy rice as main grain crops, ancient times take waterway as main transport mode.

    - summer high temperature rain: The solar high angle is summer big, the temperature is high, blows the southeast monsoon from the hot sea to bring the rich precipitation.

    - winter temperate few rain: The coldest month average temperature in 0℃ above, the winter is temperate, because the local latitude is low, the Japan Current influence, is been far to the winter monsoon source area, the hypsography causes the winter monsoon to weaken.

    - the monsoon is remarkable.

    - Xia Qiuchang tropical cyclone influence.

    1. died at the age of the high temperature located at the tropics area, entire old Xia Wudong. The winter half year, the north big mountainous region and south the plateau impediment cold air invades, causes the home court winter half year temperature to be relatively high.

    2. does the rainy season obvious seasonal aspect to be obvious, whole year may divide into three seasons: Dry season, rainy season, hot season. Under the dry Northeast monsoon control, the winter precipitation is scarce, approaches before the southwest monsoon is the hot season, is in one year the hottest season, in blows from the sea under the southwest monsoon control is the rainy season.

    when 3. monsoon remarkable dry seasons the land high pressure sends out the Northeast monsoon converges on the sea the equatorial belt of convergence.

    When rainy season the southern hemisphere vice-succeeds in the imperial civil service examinations the southwest monsoon converges the Tull low pressure 4. to be in vogue the tropical cyclone. With “summer monsoon” synchronization, every year from mid-May to mid-September for tropical cyclone being in vogue season.

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