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A Trip to Stanley Market

(1) When was your trip?

(2) How was the weather?

(3) Who went there with you?

(4) How did you go there?

(5) Why were you there?

(6) What did you do there?

(7) Did anything special happen?

(8) How did you feel?

(9) What have you learnt from the trip?

請幫忙 謝謝你

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    (1) Next week

    (2) During the summer the days are very hot.

    (3) My friend

    (4) I take the MTR to Chai Wan Station and catch green minibus 16M which will also take you to the Stanley Market.

    (5) It is because Stanley has been a fishing village since before the British came to Hong Kong. The busy market has always attracted people but now you don’t go there to buy fish, but to get T-shirts other tourist things.

    (6) I like most places in Hong Kong which were once fishing village Stanley celebrates the once a year Dragon Boat Festival, with boat races in the sea.