Golf Club suggestion for me


I have a plan to buy a New Golf Club. Please give me some comment.

Our Budget around HKD10,000~20,000-

If possible include { Driver, Wood & Iron ]

Many thanks,

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  • 1 十年前

    hello, I live in Toronto, and have bought a golf set recently. They are the "Callaway", and its a set of 8 irons, the name of the club set is "Big Bertha". This club has received good comments about it for beginners since they have good forgiveness. So, you can try to find and see if you can get it in Hong Kong. =) They are around $570 in CAD, but I am not sure how much they'll be in HK. Good luck !! ^^

    2007-06-23 01:01:31 補充:

    By the way, my clubs weren't the newest model, they were the last model, but I think they are good enough to use already.

    2007-06-24 23:55:39 補充:

    The golf set is called "Callaway Big Bertha 04 Irons" it's a set with 8 irons. If the shop provides, it will have 2 kind of material, steel and graphite. Steel will probably be cheaper but heavier, and graphite is a little more expensive but lighter.