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CRJ100,-200 ERJ140 有咩分別



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  • 1 十年前

    Yes there are big differences.

    CRJ and ERJ are regional jets manufactured by two different companies.

    CRJ-Canadair Regional Jet (Manufactured by Bombardier, Canada, North America)

    ERJ-Embraer Regional Jet (Manufactured by Embraer in Brazil, South America)

    Both company focus on specific 50-100 passengers regional jet market.

    All the CRJs have their Horizontal Stabilizer on top of the Rudder/Vertical Stabilizer and rear mount engines.

    As for ERJs, the ERJ-135/145 also has the Horizontal Stabilizer on top of the Rudder/Vertical Stabilizer with rear mount engines.

    But the newest ERJ-170/175/190/195 has designed to have the Horizontal Stabilizer on the rear fuselage like conventional jetliners (e.g. all Airbus types, Boeing 737s...etc) And engines hang from the main wings.

    2007-06-21 05:39:17 補充:

    All CRJ aircrafts has winglet. But not all the ERJs.There are also some detail differences on their Vertical Stabilizer, Noze cone, and front landing gear door hatch.And the "hub" attaching the main-wing to the fuselage on the ERJs are significantly bigger than CRJs.

    2007-06-27 07:59:30 補充:

    Boeing 757 are single aisle jet. So overall they seem thinner and long. Compare to Boeing 767, which look like a bit "fat" due to its twin aisle design. Especially when you look at the nose, the 767 does look wider.

    2007-06-27 08:01:26 補充:

    On a side note, when Boeing design the 757 & 767. Both share a lot of parts and equipments, especially inside the cockpit. You will see a lot similar avionics and layout when you compare 757 & 767 cockpit pictures.Now some 757 are equipped with blended winglets to improve performance.

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