Job Agent Commission


1. Job Agent 係 o係個EMPLOYER到收Commission=Job Seeker 係唔洗比錢, 係免費的。

2. Job Agent 係o係個JOBSEEKER到收Commission,收一個月JobSeeker的人工。

3. Job Agent 係o係個JOBSEEKER到收Commission,每一個月o係個JobSeeker人工到扣,(但無話扣機多個月)。



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  • 1 十年 前

    aiya, mostly job agent will charge the employer NOT job seeker la. if the agent going to charge you, they will provide you contact / agreement to sign (don't worry, no one can charge you wihtout legal document) but today, i don't think there still agent will charge the job seeker.

    the charges between agent and the employer may base on thier agreement, some of the agent will charge 1 mth salary (i.e. 50% when they successfully refered the right candidate to the company, and 50% after the candidate completed the probation period) or 1/3 of annual salary for some senior position, depends on how the agreement set between the agent and the employer, will be diff. by cases.

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  • 1 十年 前

    I myself never encounter the situation that job seeker 比錢 Job Agent. I heard this happened in the past only.

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  • 1 十年 前

    normally , job agent will draw employer unless specific .

    so you will have to check everytime for safety

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