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Soccer mom 點解?

在美國周不時聽到人說: you soccer mom, 點解?


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    See the followings extracted from

    In North American social, cultural and political discourse, soccer mom refers broadly to a demographic group of women with school-age children. In general, it refers to the concept of American post-feminist motherhood as an amalgam of traditional domestic values with modern feminism (1960s-1980s), and is associated with modern material conveniences such as the SUV and cell phone. The archetypical soccer mom is upper or upper middle class, educated, suburban or exurban, and white.

    The "soccer mom" typically indicates a single income family, where the husband works while the wife is a homemaker.

    The term can carry pejorative connotations, where the soccer mom may denote a woman who is aloof and has little responsibility or occupation, other than providing basic transportation for her children. In feminist circles, the soccer mom may refer to a woman who has given up on a promising and successful career, particularly after having some early aspirations and achievements.

    However, the word is not entirely negative, those described as soccer moms sometimes take pride in the term as affirmation that they are dedicated to providing attention, recreation and positive social contact for their children.

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