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妙手仁心 III

Who is the singer of "No Matter" in the series 妙手仁心 III? Can you give me the lyrics?

Thx for your help.

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  • K
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    歌手的名字是 Angel.

    但不知她是誰, 而且那首歌似乎沒有出過碟, 所以也很難搜尋得到歌詞, 只是在某留言版找到部分的歌詞如下:

    回覆: 妙手仁心


    song name: No Matter

    composed by TVB staff and sung by Angel, never released, you can request TVB to release this song. This song is owned by TVB.




    doesn't matter where you are going

    don't u know i am still waiting here for you and pray for you

    in the sunny day, sun will light your day

    in the windy day, wind will leave you away

    i have to say, you are my treasure moment, never gonna walk away,in the rainny day, rain will share my tear,in the storming day


    2007-06-20 19:49:19 補充:

    對不起, 原來已有人答了類似的題目, 已有完整的歌詞:Doesn't matter whom you are withDoesn't matter where you are goingDon't you know I'm still waiting here for youAnd pray for you

    2007-06-20 19:49:41 補充:

    In the sunny days, Sun will light your dayIn the windy days, when will we go away?I have to say, you're my treasure momentsNever gonna walk away

    2007-06-20 19:50:02 補充:

    In the rainy days, rains will share my tearsIn the stormy days, storms will steal my painJust go your way and leave things all behindSpread your wings and fly away

    2007-06-20 19:50:14 補充:

    I'm pretending your mineI'm wishing you'll be fineThe moments we share never dieYou've made a difference to my life

    2007-06-20 19:50:41 補充:

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