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I'm 42 years old, beofore I work for a UK base company as a HR & Admin Co-ordinator for five years. I quit my last job since Oct 05 to concentrate my effort for the Business Admin Bachelor Course which have graduated Jul 06. Understand that there must be certain difficulties as I have not work for more than a year. Kindly please give me your briiliant advice how can I present myself and response to the questions while I'm sitting for an interview. Many Thanks!

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    I talked to the recruitment consultant before, many employers will not mind you are not working for one year if you can demostrate your capabilities to them. I think you can review your interview performance, cover letter and resume continuously in the course of job hunting.

    Since you have expeneriences in HR, you may try try the recruitment consultant type of job.

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    The following web-page can show you how to answer the interview questions effectively and I myself find it very very useful. Hope you can find a new job soon!!