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有無人可以教下我music theory既preparation,suspension and resolve呀?

可5可以教下我music theory既preparation,suspension and resolve呀?

........detail d.....我五係好明ar.....

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    First of all, suspension is a kind of non-harmonic tone, which is usually at a stronger beat.

    Before a suspension, there must be a preparation, which is a harmonic tone of the above harmonic.

    When a suspension appears, it must be at the same pitch as the preparation, and does not belong to the harmonic.

    The suspension has to be resolved, it will go stepwise downward, and it is the resolution, which is a harmonic tone.

    We usually pay less attention to the preparation, because it is the suspension and the resolution that share the same bass.

    Let's say, at the first beat of a measure with a F on the bass, there is 4-3 suspension, the suspension will then be a B and the resolution will be an A; and the last beat of the previous measure will prepare a B for the suspension, thus enhance a B-B-A sequence.

    Please feel free to send me a letter if your want more detailed explanation.

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