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894天與時並進:FALLOUT 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

The cable car system on Lantau Island will be closed for at least a month after a gondola (gondola 怎解?) plunged to (plunged to 怎解?) the ground last night, triggering 激發起serious concerns about safety. While the operator is struggling 奮斗的to find out what went wrong 出錯,


the government is launching 展開its own probe (probe 怎解?) and plans to recommend action against the managers if they are found to be negligent 疏忽 or incompetent 不適任.

更新 2:

Critics (Critics 怎解?) say the fiasco (fiasco 怎解?) has dealt 予以 a damaging 損害性的blow 打擊 to Hong Kong‘s reputation 聲譽as a tourist destination 勝地and no one will have the confidence to ride on a cable car again.

更新 3:

The above English was written from ATV Main News at 19:30.

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  • Icarus
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    1 十年前

    Fallout 作為標題,可作吊車墜下。可理解為 a gondola fell out of the cable car system。


    Plunged to 指猛力撞向

    Struggling 翻成努力不懈或艱苦地努力較好

    Probe 解深入及徹底調查/研究

    Incompetent 翻成不能勝任較好,嚴厲喲,可翻成無能

    Critics 指批評者

    Fiasco 指徹底失誤

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