F.1 HIstory (Chapter 1) 10點!![[快]]''趕住星期一考..

1 A. What are the features of History?

The features of History are continuity and change.Continuity means somethings happened in the past continues up to the present day. Change means something happened in the past does not continue up to the present day and there are changes. To learn these features, historians like to compare things in the past with the present.

1 B. How could you identify these features of history after Stone Age, Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek History?


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    I think you may answer in this way:

    The features of history are shown in two aspects.

    Firstly, the people in Stone Age, Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek History were ( mention the "continuity" ,common thing / lifestyle/ culture, etc. + examples supporting the similarity (that is , how you know that those aspect are the same? By what evidence?)) .

    On the contrary, people ... ( mention the "change": differences in lifestyle/ culture, etc. + examples).

    Thus, the continuity and changes are identified.

    P.S. Sorry I'm not studying History so I cannot type the exact wordings for the answer. My English is also poor so please forgive my unclear outline of the asnwer. But I still hope the above information is helpful to you.

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