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請問Hotel的Guest Service & Safety Officer ?

想問下Hotel 的 Guest Service & Safety Officer

係咪即係Security ?

人工太約有幾多 ?

番工時間係咪番12小時? 包唔包食?

Thank you very much!!!!!

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    GSSO is not security guard, but receptionist instead, so why it is called safety officer?

    As a GSSO not only you need to take care of the daily check in and check out process, but also work as a safety embassador. e.g. will help to escort guests to the nearest exist should there be any emergency cases. On the other hand, some of the guests do put the valuables at the safety box at the reception, so as a GSSO you may need to take care of the guests personal belongings. Moreover, some of the hotels even train up their GSSO on first aid, so they know how to respond if a guest hurt himself. Of course, as a responsible GSSO, they also pay notice if there are any suspectable people walking within the hotel permise, or leaving their bleongings unattended.

    As for salary, generally speaking in top tier 5 star properties, it may be as high as 12K. Normally for top tier 4 star properties, the median is 10K.

    Working hours is 9 hours, including 1 hour meal break (HK practice). Of course the meal breaks may be divided into 2 half hour sections, depending on your shift. You are also entitled with free meal benefits at the staff canteen, but of course you are still allowed to go out for meals if you insist. However, some hotels do not allow its staff to go out for meals with the uniforms on, therefore if you would like to dine out, you may need to get changed.

    資料來源: Personal experience