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香港名勝地方?詳細介紹。(Please use English)

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    Po Lin Monastery & Tai O

    The Po Lin temple built in 1924 is situated on Lantau Island. Known as the "Buddhist Kingdom in the South", it ranks first as the most magnificent structures amongst the four popular Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. After visiting the temple, if you want to see the sun rise on the Fongwongshan Mountain next early morning, you can stay in the temple (accommodations can be provide along with exceptional vegetarian dishes).

    From the gate of the temple, you can see a big copper statue of Sakyamuni located on the top of the Muyushan Mountain. The statue is 26 meters high and weighs 250 metric tons. The pedestal of the statue is a three-story exhibition hall in which there is a big bell. The bell is delicately engraved with Buddhist figures and Buddhist scriptures.

    Controlled by a computer, the bell is rung once every seven minutes, 108 times a day-in essence to relieve 108 vexations.

    West of Lantau Island is Tai O, a fishing village. It is known as "Hong Kong's Venice" because of its many crisscrossing waterways and the main transportation via boats. Tai O has many temples, including the Guandi temple, the Yanghou temple, the Hongshenye temple, and the Tianhou temple. The specialties of Tai O are preserved fish and shrimp paste.

    Tsing Ma Bridge

    The Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge stretching from Tsing Yi Isle to Ma Wan (Bay), 22,000 meters long, is the longest suspension bridge for both vehicle and railway purposes in the world. It was open to traffic in 1997, linking Landau Island and the urban districts. Parking is prohibited on the Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge. The Tsing Yi Trunkroute Viewing Terrace to the northwest of Tsing Yi Isle and the Visiting Guest Centre are places for watching and familiarizing with the Tsing Ma Gigantic Bridge with entertainment. The model, pictures and the structure of the Tsing Yu trunkroute are on display in the Visiting guest Centre.

    From the Scenery Viewing Terrace, one can see the Ting Kau Bridge, Linking Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wun, totaling 1178 metres long, the longest triplex-towered shape cable bridge of the world. Linking Tsing Yi and Lantau's transportation, another bridge known as Kap Shui Man Bridge, 1670 meters long, is also the longest hoisting cabled bridge providing for both vehicle traffic and railway transportation. These three bridges have been listed as the world's "Three Mosts". The expenditure for the engineering construction of the three bridges is also an astronomical figure.

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