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幾條英文問題..幫幫手..急要 (10分)

1.Mary,your friend from USA,is visiting HK.It will be her brithday next week.

Work in Groups and discuss the best way to celebrate her bathday.

2.The Internet is a good place to make friends,Do you agree?

Work in Groups and discuss.

3.Do you think'gaming' has negative or positive effects on teenager lives?

Work in Groups and discuss.




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  • 1 十年前

    1. I will take her to the Peak, and have dinner there. Becuse the restaurents there are very nice and the food is of good quality. Besides, she can admire the famous, spectucular night view of Victoria Habour during the meal.

    2. NO, i don't agree. Because you never know who you are making friends with. Moreover, you can never tell whether others are telling the truth or not. Maybe the purpose of the others is to steal your private informations. It's too dangerous.

    3. "I think you are talking about < >, not , right?"

    There is no boubt that gambling has a negative effect on teeagers' lives. Because the teenagers may spend too much time and money on gambling, and thus they will leave their study unattended.

    4. I think what student should do every day is to learn new things. As a student, it is our obligation to learn and absorb new things, so as to prepare ourselves for the future. We must learn as much as we can, so that we can in turn do something and contribute to our society when we grow up.

    5.I think school life is most important for teenagers. Because from it, teeagers can learn new informations anad new skills, such as interpersonal skills and communication skill. We learn how to cooperate with the others and build up team spirit. We also learn to be obedient and follow the words of teachers, who are more experienced.

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  • 1 十年前

    i think to study everyday is students respondsibilty.

    they need to learn not only knowledge but also the communiation skills,how to talk with other ,having funny time from school everyday.

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