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  • 1 十年前

    The conspicuous phenomenon of "price plateau". Although Macau and Zhuhai are only separated by a gateway, the prices of commodities differ greatly, resulting in the phenomenon of "price plateau" in Macau. Because getting through customs becomes more convenient, many local residents and visitors accustom to spending in Zhuhai. The phenomenon of "betting in Macau, spending in Zhuhai" has got worse. According to statistics, visitors mostly have low spending level in Macau. In 2002, the per capita consumption of tourists was $1454. The daily consumption was $1222. The consumption of commodities was $625. Tourists' spending on commodities only accounted for 43% of total spending, but for tourists in Hong Kong, that type of spending accounted for more than half. If Macau wishes betting industry can boost local consumption growth and the development of other sectors, they need to make effort in opening markets, and face the negative impact of "price plateau" seriously.

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