cause and impact of WWII


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  • 1 十年前

    ---Legacy of WWI

    --Treaty of Versailles (凡爾賽條約)

    --Weaken Germany military, enronomically and politically

    --Italy cannot get much land in the treaty

    --Made Germany and Italy angry

    --They always wanted to take revenge

    ---Rise of totalitarianism (極權主義)


    -Fascism (法西斯黨) in Italy. Leader: Benito Mussolini

    -Nazism (納粹黨) in Germany. Leader: Adolf Hitler

    ---Appeasement policy

    --The policy carried by England and France towards Germany and Italy

    --Result: It let the axis-power become more agressive.

    ---Failure of League of Nations


    -Lack of support of strong powers such as USA

    -Lack of the power of taking economic sanction upon the axis powers

    -Lack of the power of taking military actions towards axis power

    -Lack of the power of condemn axis power

    -Lack of support of members

    Impacts of WWII

    ---Heavy casualities and destruction

    --55 million of people died

    -Genocide carried by Germany towards Jewish

    -Japan carried out Nanjing Massacre (南京大屠殺) in China

    --Farmlands, industries, transportation and cities were destroyed

    ---Development of new weapons

    --Method of keeping peace: balance of power

    -When American started to make nuclear weapons, other countries followed to do so

    -'Armed peace'

    ---The formation of United Nations


    ---End of European Supremacy

    --WWII causes great destruction in Europe

    --Rise of USA and USSR

    -It led to cold war.

  • 1 十年前


    ‧Alliance system

    ‧armament race

    ‧colonial rivalries

    ‧Extreme Nationalism

    ‧Morroco crises

    ‧Bosnian Crises

    ‧Savajevo assassination


    ‧many deaths

    ‧formation of the League of nations

    ‧arouse of women's position

    ‧ended Austria,Germany,Turkey empire

    ‧more new states

    ‧rise of totalitarianism

    ‧ huge imdemnity