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What is the different between work hard and work harder

What is the different between work hard and work harder?(in useage and meanings)

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    work hard 是”努力工作“的意思,

    work harder 也是“努力工作”的意思,不過work harder有個比較的概念

    比如, Jennifer works harder and is more careful than Jane.

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    in general,both means that someone should be more industrious.

    but there is a comparison

    e.g you should work hard

    -----it implies that u are too lazy

    e.g you should work harder

    ----it implies u are not too lazy,but u shouldl work harder to achieve good results

    hope it can help you

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    word hard (努力地工作)

    e.g. He gets good results in examinations because he works really hard every day.


    work harder(更加努力地工作)

    work harder 與 work hard 多了一重比較(comparison)的意味。

    e.g. Johnny works harder than David.


    e.g. 'You should work harder and get a better result next time!' said the teacher.


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