First name???

究竟First name 係姓? 定係名?


First name 係姓/ 名, Last name 係姓/名

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    First name = 名. 如果係中國人, 就即係佢既英文名. 如 middle name, 即係你個中文名中名字既部份. Surname / Last name 就 = 姓. Surname 同 last name 其實係一樣.

    舉個例 : 如你叫陳大文, 英文名叫 David. 咁你即係 David Chan Tai Man 啦. 咁你既 First name = David, Middle name = Tai Man, Surname = Chan.


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    O my God~!

    Trust me~!

    First Name = 名

    Last Name(Surname, Family Name) = 姓

    Eg. Peter Chan..... Peter(First Name) Chan (Last name)


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    sorry my computer can not type mandrain at this moment, i hope you can understand english.

    Acctually first name in our mandrain way is surename, but for westen way, their sure name is at the back, and their given name (the name given by their father or mother) is at the front part, so called First Name. 究竟First name 係姓? 定係名? is depend on where you filling the form it, but normally, if they use english, use should follow the westen style, so you must fill in you given name at the first name field.

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    First = surname = 姓

    given name = family name = 名

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    First name 是 名,不是姓

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    First name 即係爸爸改俾你個名.

    你大個左之後, 再改個英文名, 咁就係Second Name.

    再改就係 Third Name... 如此類推.

    咁人係死之前, 或者就死, 用個個名, 就係last name 囉.