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Urgent Help ~~ I need a answer

Pleas help me urgently ~~ thanks !!!

* 3 in a group. present 4 minutes conversation in a Business Environment !!!

For example : In a meeting (must in Business Environment) ... for 3 pax ~~~

Please help me to write down what can we say ?!

Many thanks !!!


有沒有 " 情境對話 " 的對答呢?


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    1. 介紹自己與公司

    如果你是一名營業代表,會見客人洽談生意的時候,首先會介紹自己和公司。假設你公司做數碼相機生意,你可以說:My name is John Chan. I am a sales representative of ABC Company. Here's my business card. This is my assistant. It is nice to meet you today, Mr. Wilson. Let me say a few words about our company. 即是說我的名字是John Chan,是ABC公司的營業代表,這張是我的名片,這位是我的助手,今天很高興跟你會面,Wilson先生。讓我簡單介紹我們公司。


    1. Our company is well-established in the industry.(地位穩固)

    2. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.(上市公司)

    3. Our company has global outlook, and is ambitious in opening up new markets overseas.(公司有國際視野,並積極拓展新的海外市場。)

    4. Last year our company had a turnover of 50 million dollars.(介紹去年營業額)

    2. 介紹公司的促銷計劃



    1)It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce our sales plan to you.

    2)To start with, let me first explain a few key points to you, before we go into the detail.

    3)Please look at our company's latest products and the relevant documents.


    1. economical(突出商品價錢合理)

    2. Our products use state-of-the-art technology/hi-tech.(高科技)

    3. durable(持久耐用)

    4. Unique/one-of-a-kind(獨一無二)

    3. 提出價錢




    1. Based on the market situation and past sales record, we believe these prices are reasonable.

    2. Although our prices are above average in the market, our new design and functions make sure our products remain competitive.

    3. I wish I could offer you a better price.

    4. Let me recap the major points.

    5. If everything is clear, let me show you the contract.

    6. If you have no further questions, you may sign here to complete the deal



    例如:I know you have recently won a management award. Let me first congratulate you on that. Do you mind telling us about it? 意思是我知道你最近獲得一個管理獎項。先恭喜你。你可以跟我們分享一下嗎?

    要問客人對公司的印象,可以說:What is your impression of our company?


    1. We are very pleased to have you with us in Hong Kong.

    2. I would like to extend my warm welcome to you.

    3. How was your flight to Hong Kong?

    4. I hope you enjoyed your flight to Hong Kong, didn't you?


    向客人表示稍後會寄發正式邀請信和希望加強日後合作,可以說:We will extend our formal invitation to you soon. I wish our cooperation to grow even stronger in the future.



    It was our honour to have you with us this evening. We very much expect your company again in the future.


    When you are selling a product, how should you let your potential customers know both its features and the benefits?

    Presenter: When you are selling a product, remember to tell your potential customers both its benefits and the features.

    Salesperson: For this mobile phone, one of its outstanding features is that you can send or receive emails. You can communicate with your associates anytime, anywhere and that improves efficiency at work. During this exhibition, you can get a 20 percent discount for every 50 sets you purchase that means you can save $100 on each unit.

    Presenter: Notice how the salesperson translates a feature into a benefit. The 20 percent discount is a feature of the offer. The benefit is the $100 saved on each unit.