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因為每睇1個 chapters 都想快d睇下一個 chapters系咩

好似其中1節 romero殺左juite 親戚

被人通緝 之後我非常心急想睇juiet會點面對romero

我覺得除左呢個情節 仲有好多都好吸引人睇落去

總然知 咁出名ger書每個人都應該睇1次的!

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    Because every time looked chapters all wants to look immediately what next chapters is? Liked 1 section romero to kill the juite relative, Is issued a warrant for arrest by the person, I extremely am impatient afterwards want to look how juiet can face romero, I thought eliminates the left this plot, but also has very many all can attract the person to look. Generally speaking this becomes famous the book, each people all should look 1 time

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