唔該我想要linkin park既hands held high既歌詞既中文解釋

唔該我想要linkin park既hands held high既歌詞既中文解釋

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    哦~翻譯rap真係辛苦!晤知原著者既創作背景,譯起黎可能有d 偏離原意~

    Hands Held High - Linkin Park

    Turn my mic up louder, 把我的擴音器音量提高

    I got to say something. 我有話要說說

    Lightweights step it aside, 不行的人站到一邊去

    when we coming. 當我們來了

    Feel it in your chest, 你的胸膛會感到

    the syllables get pumping. 音調的洶湧

    People on the street, 街上的行人

    they panic and start running. 驚慌而逃

    Words on loose leaf, 字如落葉

    sheet complete coming. 完美樂譜駕到

    I jump in my mind, 我在腦海裏跳躍

    I summon the rhyme I’m dumping. 我傾瀉喚起的韻律

    Feeling the blind, 感受着盲目

    I promise to let the sun in. 我答應讓陽光進來

    Sick of the dark ways, 厭倦了黑暗

    we march to the drumming. 我們跟着鼓聲行進

    Jump when they tell us 他們吩咐了就跳

    they want to see jumping. 他們要看跳躍

    Fuck that, I want to 他媽的 我要

    see some fist pumping. 看些拳頭舞動

    Risk something. 冒一下危險

    Take back what’s yours 把屬於你的帶走

    Say something that you know 說一些你懂的

    they might attack you for 他們會因此攻擊你

    cause I’m sick of being treated 因爲我已厭倦被這樣對待

    like I have before. 就像從前一樣

    Like it’s stupid standing for 好像堅持就是愚蠢

    what I’m standing for. 堅持自己的原則

    Like this war is really just 像這戰爭就只是

    a different brand of war. 另一種戰爭

    Like it doesn’t cater the rich 像不會投合有錢人

    and abandon poor. 而放棄了窮人

    Like they understand you 像他們了解你

    in the back of the jet, 在引擎背後

    When you can’t put gas in your tank. 當你無法為自己加油

    These *****ers are laughing their way 這些傢伙就會恥笑你

    to the bank and cashing their check 一邊到銀行兌現支票

    asking you to have compassion, have respect. 要你懂得憐憫和尊重

    For a leader so nervous 這領導人多緊張

    in an obvious way 又那麽明顯

    Stuttering and mumbling 口吃和呢喃

    for nightly news to replay 夜夜被新聞重播

    and the rest of the world 而世上其他的人

    watching at the end of the day 晚上都收看着

    in the living room laughing 在客廳中笑道

    like what did he say? 嗯他到底說了甚麽?

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen 阿門阿門阿門阿門

    In my living room watching, 在我的客廳中看着

    But I am not laughing. 但我笑不出來

    ‘Cause when it gets tense, 因爲當事態緊張

    I know what might happen. 我知道甚麽會發生

    The world is cold, 這世界是冷酷的

    The bold men take action. 粗魯的人們採取行動

    Have to react, 一定要反應

    To getting blown into fractions. 要被炸成碎片

    Ten years old is something to see, 十嵗的時候就看到

    Another kid my age drug under a jeep, 另一個同齡的小孩 躲到吉普車下

    Taken and bound and found later under a tree, 中了炸彈被彈到樹下

    I wonder if he thought the next one could be me. 我好奇他可有想過下一個就是他

    Do you see? 你看到嗎?

    The soldiers that are out today. 那些出來的士兵

    That brush the dust from bulletproof vests away. 他們拍拍防彈衣上的灰塵

    It’s ironic. 真諷刺

    At times like this you pray, 這種時候你會祈禱

    But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday. 但昨天一家清真寺被炸飛

    There’s bombs in the buses, bikes, roads, 炸彈就在巴士裏、單車上、公路旁

    inside your markets,your shops, your clothes, 在你的市集中、商店裏、衣服裏

    My dad, he’s got a lot of fear I know 我爸爸他怕的很 我知道

    but enough pride inside not to let that show. 但尊嚴不讓他透露

    My brother had a book he would hold with pride 我兄弟為一本書而自豪

    A little red cover with a broken spine. 紅色小書帶着破書脊

    In the back he hand wrote a quote inside, 在書的後頭他手寫着

    when the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die. 當有錢人發起戰爭 是窮的人受死

    And meanwhile, the leader just talks away 正當此時,領導人繼續說

    Stuttering and mumbling 口吃和呢喃

    for nightly news to replay 夜夜被新聞重播

    and the rest of the world 而世上其他的人

    watching at the end of the day 晚上都收看着

    both scared and angry 又驚恐又氣憤

    like what did he say? 他說甚麽?

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen. 阿門阿門阿門阿門

    With hands held high 高高舉起雙手

    into a sky so blue 進入藍天際

    as the ocean opens up 大海正要展開

    to swallow you. 把你吞噬

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