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German Tank Destroyer Hetzer 38t 那麼迷你,真的可以和JS3匹敵嗎?請詳答

German Tank Destroyer Hetzer 38t 那麼;迷你,真的可以和JS3匹敵嗎?請詳答

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  • 1 十年前

    They are vehicles of completely different classes. It would be like comparing a Ferrari to a Civic. There is simply no match, 無得比.

    However, I do not think the two ever met in battle. JS 3 heavy tank went into production in January 1945, but didn’t enter service until much later, and “the first public appearance was in Berlin Victory Parade of September 1945…”

    The Hezter (baiter) tank destroyer is actually a very good design for a vehicle of that weight and size. It carries the 7.5cm PaK39 L/48 gun, the same gun on later model Panzer IV’s, which means it can take out common medium tanks of the day such as the American M4 Sherman, and the Soviet T-34 at reasonable range. Its small size makes it hard to hit, and given a choice of a vehicle under 20 tons, I would pick to command the Hezter for sure.


    The JS3 heavy tank should be superior to the JS2 in protection, being that is it the next model, and since the JS2 is a fair match with the German Panther ( 7.5cm L/70 gun), Tiger (8.8cm Flak), and Tiger Ausf B Kingtiger, it would be a fair assumption that the JS3 would need a vehicle with at least 8.8cm Flak gun or the 12.8cm PaK44 L/55 gun to take out. The JS 3’s 122mm cannon would surely knock out anything but the heaviest of the enemy tanks (i.e. Kingtiger, Jagdtiger, or JagdPanther)

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