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Animals and human beings

What is the difference between animals and human beings regarding babies.( Answer ONLY in English please)

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  • 1 十年前

    Human babies are pretty much the same as other animal babies, especiall true for primates (monkeys and apes). So the only big difference is : Human babies are born PREMATURELY.

    Some animal babies can walk within hours of birth, like deer and horses. Dolphin babies swim immediately after birth, or they will suffocate. Monkey babies cling to their mother and kangaroo babies climb to their mother's pouch by themselves. Some animal babies can start eating solid food soon after birth.

    Human babies can't see properly in the first month, can't have solid food in the first 6 months, and can't walk in the first 9 months... everything comes on so slowly. So scientist comparing human babies with the other animals and concluded that human babies are born at the stage while other animal babies are still in the womb.

    There might be 2 reasons:

    (1) the head of the human baby is big compared with other animals. Big head because we have a big brain. That makes humans intelligent. But that also make babies difficult to come out. So we have to be born prematurely or else we will get stuck in the birth canal.

    (2) humans stood up-right and lost our tail. That means the tail bone is tucked behind the birth canal of the mother. It makes the birth canal narrower and again, we have to be born prematurely or else we risk getting stuck.

    So to support the above "premature" theory, some scientist even concluded that's how we lost our fur. Because all animal foetuses do not develop fur at the stage we were born, that's natural for us to be born naked. Some how we do not grow the fur even when we grow up (that's another thing).

    資料來源: Human biology, + The Naked Ape
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