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超急~~~~~~mcdonald 英文勁人入黎



200-300words~~~~ENGLISH PLS

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  • 1 十年前

    The above reply should quote it was directly copied from Wikipedia !!!!


    McDonald, opened in Hong Kong in 1975, was the first restaurant to consistently offer clean restrooms/toilets. It drives Hong Kong customers to demand (ask for) the same standard of other restaurants.

    Apart from its effective business standards, McDonald has also been instrumental in changing local customs. Kids and teens love McDonald fast food. They are loyal customers who always takes breakfast, lunch and meals. Students often take their lunch at McDonald during lunch breaks. McDonald is also popular to kids where they can host their birthday parties with friends and relatives - part of McDonald successful services in Hong Kong.

    McDonald also flattens the social strata during dining - there is no problem of losing face for certain customers (who might be embarrassed when someone else ordered a more expensive item in a restaurant); the food at McDonald's is all similarly priced.

    McDonald has been critized as one of the key food providers that cause our youngsters in increasing their weight tremendously over the past two decades. It has been challenged of using trans fat contents in its cooking oil - the key ingredient to oily food.

    Not only on food quality, McDonald also produces non-environmental friendly packaging and waste in the past (eg. BigMac foam box).

    What is more, you will notice Hong Kong price is almost the lowest worldwide if you had been in other countries. The key reason behind is the unbelievable low hourly wage paid for its front-line employees, getting a pay of HK$15 an hour. Imagine you work for McDonald 10 hours a day, 30 days a month, you will only get $4,500 without a rest (day).

    If you are old enough, you will remember there was once competition among western fast food (hamburger) chain restaurant such as Burger King, Wendy and Jack-in-the-box but they were all being expelled by McDonald who now almost monpolizes the market.

    **** Others pls do not copy

    **** reference (not direct thoughtless copying) from Wikipedia

    2007-05-28 15:51:23 補充:

    McDonald often offers collections from Snoopy, Hello Kitty, etc.... with the purchase of the McDonald meal set. HK people queueing for the collections weeks after weeks and just dump/throw the meal set right away without taking them.

    2007-05-28 15:52:35 補充:

    This undesirable pheonomenum causing a lot of criticisms and was reported in all news media many years ago.

    2007-05-29 20:22:40 補充:

    上面果位人兄 並沒有針對問題說明 麥當勞的飲食文化如何影響香港本身的飲食文化 !上面果位人兄 完全是從網上隨便抄襲回來,想以長篇大論取勝,麻木複貼,請自律 ﹗

    2007-05-31 00:27:56 補充:

    上面位人兄你又從網上隨便完全抄襲回來,想以長篇大論取勝,如果係咁就得,請大家以後去 維基百科啦,不需要在這處發問和等答案! 佢o既回答可以到 自己睇!??

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