Pirates of the Caribbean

Anyone of you know

Pirates of Caribbean The curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of Caribbean Dead man's chest

Pirates of Caribbean At world's end

have what songs and the most important question is where I can Download it

I don't care Bt, Foxy or some illegal way

But I hope you can find a legal way for me , mate

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    Pirates of Caribbean The curse of the Black Pearl :

    1. Fog Bound

    2. The Medallion Calls

    3. The Black Pearl

    4. Will and Elizabeth

    5. Swords Crossed

    6. Walk the Plank

    7. Barbossa Is Hungry

    8. Blood Ritual

    9. Moonlight Serenade

    10. To the Pirates' Cave!

    11. Skull and Crossbones

    12. Bootstrap's Bootstraps

    13. Underwater March

    14. One Last Shot

    15. He's a Pirate

    Pirates of Caribbean Dead man's chest:

    1. Jack Sparrow

    2. The Kraken

    3. Davy Jones

    4. I've Got My Eye On You

    5. Dinner Is Served

    6. Tia Dalma

    7. Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)

    8. A Family Affair

    9. Wheel Of Fortune

    10. You Look Good Jack

    11. Hello Beastie

    12.Bonus Track: He's A Pirate - Tiesto Remix

    Pirates of Caribbean At world's end:

    1. Hoist the Colours Listen Listen

    2. Singapore Listen Listen

    3. At Wit's End Listen Listen

    4. Multiple Jacks Listen Listen

    5. Up Is Down Listen Listen

    6. I See Dead People In Boats Listen Listen

    7. The Brethren Court Listen Listen

    8. Parlay Listen Listen

    9. Calypso Listen Listen

    10. What Shall We Die For Listen Listen

    11. I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time Listen Listen

    12. One Day Listen Listen

    13. Drink Up Me Hearties

    well, i download them through foxy,limewire(go search them in google and donwload the software), i also download them in www.discuss.com.hk(you search for pirates of the caribbean in english or chinese and then you will find post that give our download links)

    good luck mate!

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    i don't know