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    Asia' World City

    Hong Kong has positioned itself to become the world city of Asia.

    This positioning is designed to highlight Hong Kong's existing strengths in areas such as financial services, trade, tourism, transport, communications, and as a regional hub for international business and a major city in China.

    It is also an aspirational undertaking - a benchmark by which Hong Kong's development as a society and an economy can be gauged and debated.

    Hong Kong's positioning as Asia's world city, like other world cities such as London and New York, is based on:

    Its role as a manager and co-ordinator of global economic activity

    A core of world-class service providers and a highly productive workforce

    Modern hard and soft infrastructure

    Educational and other institutions focused on knowledge-creation and enhancing the quality of life

    Commitment to maintaining the rule of law, freedom of expression and association, the free flow of information, openness and diversity

    Strong links with its hinterland, the Pearl River Delta, one of the most rapidly growing regions in the world

    The positioning of Hong Kong as Asia's world city was first put forward by the Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa, in his 1999 Policy Address.

    Subsequently, the Chief Executive's Commission on Strategic Development recommended in its February 2000 report that: "Hong Kong needs to promote its unique position as one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in Asia to a wide range of international audiences. A successful external promotion programme can have a significant positive impact on Hong Kong's ability to achieve a number of key economic, social and cultural objectives."

    This led to the launch of the Brand Hong Kong programme in May 2001 to provide a greater focus to the international promotion of Hong Kong as Asia's world city. The programme was launched by Mr Tung at the FORTUNE Global Forum held in Hong Kong, which brought together 500 of the world's most influential business leaders as well as other dignitaries such as former US President Bill Clinton.

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    Asian world all know

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    Asia's World city