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We have 3 PCs, one is XP Professional, two are XP Home, they are link by a hub and using DHCP for dynamic IP address. Currently we can share an IP printer. Besides, for the XP Professional PC, there is an IIS setup and the other PC can shared the intranet. However, if I added a shared drive in the XP Professional (using right click, shared option), the other PC cannot see this drive, if I do anything wrong ? Please help.

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  • Kane
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    1 十年前

    In order to share file between Windows computer, Windows need authenticate user to make sure he/she has permission to access the local resource on a target computer. Ideally, you create 3 identical user name and password on all 3 computers and then share a folder on the computer that you want to share. For example; you have BOX-A, BOX-B, and BOX-C. You create user name "ME" and password "12345" on all three BOX-A, BOX-B and BOX-C computer. If you want to save file from BOX-A to BOX-B, you have to create a file folder sharing on BOX-B and allow user "ME" access to this folder. You can grant user "ME" as local administrator on all three computer, then when you open "run" and type \\BOX-B, or \\BOX-C on BOX-A computer, you will see the shared folder.

    Also, you can type \\BOX-C or \\BOX-A on computer BOX-B too.

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