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What is the meaning of " ‰ "

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    A permille or per mille (Latin, literally meaning 'for (every) thousand') is a tenth of a percent or one part per thousand. It is written with the sign ‰ (Unicode U+2030)., which looks like a percent sign (%) with an extra 0 at the end. It is a stylized form of the three zeros in the denominator.

    1‰ = 10-3.

    For instance, 5‰ = 5/1000 = 0.005 = 0.5%

    [edit] Examples

    Examples of common use are:

    Blood alcohol content

    Seawater salinity. Eg "the average salinity is 35‰".

    Tunnel gradients

    Birth and death rates.

    When used to describe property taxation in the U.S., it is called the millage rate.

    [edit] Related units

    Percentage point

    Percent (%) 1 part in 100.

    Basis point (‱) 1 part in 10,000.

    Parts per million (ppm).

    Parts per billion (ppb).

    Parts per trillion (ppt).