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急問when do we use one or two tailed test in Hypothesis Test?

我想知one or two tailed test 幾時用??

係同set Ho定係Ha有關?


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    1-tail /2-tail is related to Ha.

    Ho usually is " = "

    When Ha is " not = " , we use 2-tail.

    When Ha is " >" we use 1-tail.

    Whaen Ha is " < ", we also use 1-tail.

    資料來源: my tutor taught this.
  • It relates to the setting of Ha.

    If Ha <> (NOT EQIUAL) 50 (say), then it is two tailed test.

    If Ha > / < 50 (say), then it is one tailed test.

    You may ask when do we set the above hypothesis, then you should refer to the question.

    資料來源: me