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英文高手 幫幫

我已經f4啦-.- 但係英文仲係好差




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    Practice makes perfect, most of the time listening and speaking can be practiced at the same time.


    1. Watch CNN News

    (because news usually provide a lot of different vocabularies)

    2. Watch American TV series/ entertaining programmes

    (e.g. friends, american next top model, apprentice...etc. To be used to listening to english)

    3. Listen to English Radio frequency

    4. Watch American movies. American movies are very popular in Hong Kong. American english is easier to learn, because the accent is not as strong as English English. (It is easier to learn from real conversations in a show, and more useful for actually speaking with foreigners)

    5. 靈格風英語學習 linguaphone english learning tool.

    6. It is most effective to meet and befriend with American/English speaker, best to be foreigner, or maybe English teacher, and insist of speaking English when you hang out with them. The more you speak, the more you get used to speaking English, and it become more fluent.

    7. Transfer to international school.


    1. English newspaper

    2.English dictionary (really good at learning vocabularies, best for students who have reading or oral in exams)

    3. Read Yahoo news

    4. Read English Magazine

    5. When watching TV news or any english program, follow and write what the person says, not only help your listen, but your writing.

    Remember, to write more, read more, and to communicate with ENGLISH!

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    如果你想學好 d 英文,

    你唔洗特 dun 買 d 咩野 ga....

    最好 ge 發音練習就梗係讀多 d 英文文章....

    易 d ge 就你自己 ge 英文書, 歌詞都得ga...

    難 d ge 就英文報紙...

    如果你想聽多 d 英文....

    又覺得 d 英文電視台 ge 人講得好快.... 又悶.... 又難明...


    開始哥陣可以揀 d 慢少少 ge 歌......

    拿住份歌詞...... 一路睇一路唱~

    咁咪可以輕輕鬆鬆學英文 lor~

    仲有..... 一有唔識 ge 字一定要查字典!!!!!!!

    2007-05-16 02:05:29 補充:

    仲有呀~ 如果想講英文流利 d.....你就要多d 講呀~同朋友, 同老師, 同爸媽兄弟姊妹都得ga~一下子唔好學咁深~ 要慢慢來呀~

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    這裡有個關於英語拼音學習的網頁, 希望對你有用

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