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    Nowadays, young people mostly all have the worship idol the custom, but worship idol this custom actually not necessarily correct. To me, worship idol this matter actually not a big deal, but, excessively sinks confuses is not good. Why? Reasons are very simple, excessively worships the idol only to be able to leave uncultivated the studies, to waste the time, the money, serious even can cause arguments with family. If things would happened like this, then you better not worship any idols.

    You possibly thought how worships the idol can cause the studies to leave uncultivated? Then let me explain it to you. If you put too much of yourself in it, you can arrive from the dynasty late all thought the idol matter, unintentionally attends class, unintentionally studies, unintentionally reviews lessons, when unintentionally review, to test, facing examination paper, but in brain actually a piece of blank. Why? The idol cannot teach you to study, cannot supervise your review, but actually makes your result to fall, that also is inferior to other worship idol. As for wastes the time, the money, I believed you would understand too, right? The body for adorer's you, each concert that idol opens, you also certainly can arrive, like this has not wasted very many precious times? Also has not wasted a lot of money? Although each concert you are always able to go, but conducts the organization is not gonna give you any preferential benefit, receives your more than $100 dollars for one ticket in the same old way, they wont give you a discount of twenty percent off (八折) because you frequently go.

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    Nowadays, most youth has the habit of being worship idols. However, that might not be a healthy habit. I don't mind people to have idol worship as long as it is not addited. Over addited to idols might make people getting failure in school, wasting money and time while some might even cause conflict within family members.

    The relation between idol worship and school failure is possible to happen. If anyone is too crazy on idol worship, he might not be able to concentrate on his study. When exam came, he could not handle it well since he has spent too much time on is idol stuff. Understand about the idol could not give you any credit on test or exam. It will only lead to a low mark or bad result on your final grade.

    For true, idol worship is a money consumption habbit. One might need to spend a lot of money and time in attempt to attend all the idol's concert or collection some related materials. It might cost you hundreds dollar for each concert ticket. No matter how many concert you are going to attend, the company will not give you any extra discount on it. As a result one might need to spend huge amount of money and plenty of time. Does it really worth to do so?

    Since idol worship is such a kind of money and time consumming activity, most parent will try to oppose their kids to get into that habit. If the children is already addited to that idol worship work, they might not be able to obey to parent's guidance. As a result, conflects and argument is usually happen between parent and children.

    As a conclusion, idol worship must not be overwhelm since it might lead to failure in school and conflect within family. If one could have a better control on idol worship activity, one could save more time and money for other more meaningful area.