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匿名 發問於 美容及時尚時裝及配件 · 1 十年前

Will LV shop QC the LV bag before they sell on the market

Any chance can buy any damage bag from LV? Coz my friend brought on ebay, but the seller can not provide any receipt, but for sure the bag is real and un-used, She received the bag, seem never use but after she take off the tag, she find out that the stitch of the bag have damage, the leather cover and the line can not directly stitched on, not all just a part of it, around 6 cm long. Will it happen? What should she do? Does she need to take the bag to LV shop and ask them to fix it?

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  • 1 十年前

    個人認為如果ebay賣家無寫明有爛, 買家(你朋友)收到之後應該立即同賣家投訴貨不對版要求退錢.

    否則無單都可以去專門掂整既. 收唔收錢, 視乎佢地認為係QC問題定係人為問題啦.

    我對呢個袋係咪真野有保留. 如果LV的Sale屎姐姐認為係假袋佢地唔會幫你整. 如果Sale屎姐姐睇漏眼送左去法國, 那裡的工人一樣認假袋彈返轉頭唔幫你整.

    係就快拎去專門店睇啦, 如果真係買左個假野就要同eBay投訴退貨同還錢.

    如果LV收你錢整, 我覺得應該係eBay賣家俾囉

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  • 1 十年前

    LV QC is very strict ga.

    i think she should take the bag to have it fixed, unless she feel that the damage is not that severe and obvious. but i still think that it should be fixed or the damage might get bigger.

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