want information about infrared radiation 紅外線的資料

唔該 想要任何有關 紅外線的 以下資料:

1. 紅外線是如何emit 出來

2. 其application

3. 其他任何有關紅外線資料

盡量就中四程度找, 深一點的也可,但不要 高考A Level 的資料, 因演講對象是中四同學.

還有, 請問 laser 發放的紅光是不是鐳射紅外線呢?

最好英文, 如無, 中文亦可接受.


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    1. Infrared (IR) can be generated by IR diode, hot objects (enven human), light bulb, etc.

    2.Infrared can be used to detect body temperature at customs, taking picture at night, monitoring weather by taking IR image at geostationary satellite. It can also be used to locate focus in digital camera and communicate with remote control and mobile phone. Some heaters also relies on IR to transfer heat.

    3.1Green house gases can absorb IR in certain frequency, causing gobal warming when excessive gases is present.

    3.2IR is one of the electromagnetic wave. It has the same spped as light. It has a frequency between microwave and visible light.

    3.3IR image is very useful to observe weather, especially at night or observing a typhoon. This leads to a more accute typhoon forcast.

    3.4IR can also be used to distingbish different organic compound by comparing their absorption of IR.

    資料來源: myself, Physics at work
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