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file 由一個hdd放去另一個hdd

本來好地地,唔知點解依排我放d file去第2個hdd果度時會愈send愈耐,最後重話咩無法傳送檔案...


2 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    Suggest you download an utility to inspect the healthiness of your harddisk(s)

    eg. Harddisk Tune (HD TUNE)


    You should be able to see the harddisk information summary (Info tab), the harddisk health (health tab), and scan the whole harddisk (Error Scan tab).

    Read the simple usage first, this link

    Look for any irregularities in the "Health" tab which will be highlighted. For example, one of my harddisk (80GB) got the an unusual high "Spin Retry Count " . Anything status is NOT OK, is a problem. In your case, check for the CRC Error Count, Write Error Rate, ECC Recovered, etc... They may got Data value > 0, then these are the problems.

    If nothing bad, then you can try the Error Scan. DO NOT tick the Quick Scan. Do a complete detail scan. All DAMAGED blocks are in RED color.

    If all harddisks are fine and okay, then good news is that your data is "SAFE" in your harddisk. Then try to burn DVD/CD from your problematic harddisk.

    可能你個HD有bad sectors....可能要換過新的了~

    2007-05-24 09:45:00 補充:

    可能你個HD有bad sectors....可能要換過新的了~ what i mean is IF you HD has a lot of bad sectors after scanning, then this HD is not longer reliable and you need to change a new one.

    2007-05-25 15:57:06 補充:

    100% SURE yes, unless you have the harddisk dropped, crashes while reading, or very sudden complete power cut. give me an email and see...

  • Rover
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    可能你個HD有bad sectors....可能要換過新的了~