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中國農曆二十四日,是打小人的日子,每逢這天晚上,大家可以在路邊見到有不少人拿著鞋子在路邊拍打紙制人形公仔,口中念念有詞的咒駡小人,他們正是在進行“打小人”的中國傳統儀式,透過這儀式可以讓人阻止小人纏身、解除惡運,小人最喜歡挑撥離間,搬弄是非,他們就像蛇蟲鼠蟻等害蟲一般討厭;而小人又象徵惡運黴運,諸事不順、處處受阻等意思,故此在傳統習俗上亦回在驚蟄這一天‘打小人’,偷過打小人的儀式,祈求消災解困,消除惡運。 打小人可以用來宣洩情緒,有減壓的效果,故此並非完全是無根據的迷信行為。

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    The Chinese lunar calendar on 24th, is hits villain's day, every time meets this day evening, everybody may in the roadside see there are many people take the shoe to whip the paper system human form doll in the roadside, the incantation villain which in the mouth mumbles, they are precisely carries on "hits the villain" the Chinese tradition ceremony, penetrates this ceremony to be allowed to let the person prevent the villain to be encumbered, to relieve wickedly transports, the villain most likes sowing dissension, tells tales, they like harmful insect and so on snake insect mouse ant general are repugnant; But the villain symbolizes wickedly transports the mildew to transport, all things along, everywhere are not blocked and so on the meaning, therefore also returns to in Insects Awaken in the traditional custom this day ' hits the villain ', steals has hit villain's ceremony, the hope disappears the disaster to help people overcome their difficulties, eliminates wickedly transports. Hits the villain to be allowed to use for to divulge the mood, has the reduced pressure the effect, therefore completely is by no means does not have the basis the superstitious behavior.