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    I'm from Vancouver. so i can tell you what's fun in my town.


    you can go to Roberson street, it is in downtown vancouver. you can find many famous brands on this street, and many good local food.

    Pacific centre is also a shopping mall in downtown, really close to roberson street, you can walk there in the summer.

    You can buy traditional art work for friends at the Gas Town. There are many aboriginal art works there. It is famous by the gas clock in the centre of the "town", it is actually just one street, not a town.

    Metrotown is the biggest shopping mall in Vancouver.


    there are two parks in vancouver that everyone has to GO!!

    the first one is Stanley park

    and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

    stanley park is in the vancouver downtown area, and it's like a forest park in the city. you can have a look at the lions gate bridge while in the stanley park.. it's really beautiful.

    Capilano suspension bridge, is a nature park in North Vancouver. it's really fun to visit.


    if you like to visit some gallery or museum, you can go to the vancouver art gallery. There's always nice showcase in there.


    if you like food, there are many many many good restaurants in vancouver.

    Western food, try the Keg, it is a very famous and classy steakhouse restaurant. Their steaks are excellent!!

    The old spaghetti factory is another good place to go. It's Italian food, (pasta mostly), but i like the design, traditional italian style.

    Earls and Moxie's are two morden restaurants. They are really nice inside, and good new style good. Drinks are good as well.. if you like martinis or beer.. etc. There are many locations of these two restaurants. you can visit their website. just search on google.

    There are also many differnt culture cuisins in vancouver.

    Banana leaf is one of the best!!! Especially the old location one. The food is sooooo GOOD!!! Try it...

    If you have time, you can visit Whilstler, we are going to have our 2010 winter olympic there! you can't ski in the summer, but it's a nice and beautiful city. it's big so there are many things to do and many places to visit.

    Horse shoe bay is another good place to go, it's only about 20 mins drive from the city centre. There's nice views to take pictures.

    you are coming in the summer time so you can go to some beaches. the kits beach and the jerico beach are beautiful and busy in the summer. everyone loves to go there.

    You can also visit the university of British Columbia (UBC). It's not just a school, it's a community.. BIG community... some people say it's like a city.

    and by the way, during your trip, if you miss chinese food or chinese stuff, you can go to Richmond. It's like the new china town. The small city has the most chinese population. and there are many new chinese restaurants and chinese style stores/malls.

    While you are in Vancouver, you can visit Victoria. You can go there by ferry. it's about 2 hours. Victoria is a really British style city. There we have the world's famous Butchart Garden. It's really worth a look. The Wax museum, similar to the one in Hong Kong. The downtown of victoria is special too.

    WELL I hope you have a great time in my city.. and i hope my information helped!

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    BY THE WAY, the two answer above are not reall correct. because our seafood are not fresh mostly. LOL!!! but we do have many good food in town. We are in the West coast so we don't have the Niagara fall.. it's in Ontario. But Granville Island is a good place to go.

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    you are welcome! have fun!

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    WIth 13 days you can definitely take a trip to Victoria Island. You can join the whale watching trip there. Warning: the ride is rather choppy so if you get seasick easily, forget it. There is also a village on the island where you can see the Native Indians make totem poles.

    The museum at UBC has a large collection of totem poles too.

    You can also consider a side trip to Whistler. Banff if you have a lot of times available. But if not, Whistler can be just a day trip. You can ride horse, take the ski lift or just walk around the beautiful city.

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    應該係niagara fall﹐但係niagara fall位於Canada東面近Toronto﹐Vancouver去要答飛機。

    Vancouver 去漁人碼頭﹐Granville island, 最緊要係食日本料理。因Vancouver近海﹐所以有好多新鮮海鮮

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    Niarra fall



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