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topic1:'That celebrities should enjoy as much privacy as other.'

topic2:'That modern technology improves the quality of our life.'

state its pros and cons.

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    Topic 1:'That celebrities should enjoy as much privacy as other.'

    Recently, there are a serious debate as to whether we should protect the privacy of the celebrities properly. From the celebrities point of view, they indeed do not wish to be followed by the media or press in order to avoid the press from making up some stories about a particular celebrities. The stories which in turn released to public through magazines can be negative and positive. So let us dsicuss the pros and cons in terms of the privacy of a particular celebrity.


    From the celebrities point of view, they are not satisfied with the way in which the press or media makes up the story on the magazine on them. Because of the content inside the magazine, some stories have seriously violating the right of some celebrities such as their own personal lifestyle. For example, there are recently a case being on trial in the district court in relation to the disclosure of a young female actresses who's wearing a bikini being wet out of the pool published by the magazine. This photo is directly violating the civil rights of this teenage actress.


    However, we should also concern on the issue of the freedom of speech of HK as a whole. Even though some of the press or media has violated the piracy of a particular actress, the freedom of speech is still have to be taken into account very seriously. If we don't fulful the right of enjoying the freedom of speech of HK, there will be a dramatic change in the structure of our society in which we are living.

    Topic 2'That modern technology improves the quality of our life.'state its pros and cons.

    As our society is becoming more IT oriented, there are more types of new technologies in terms of financial and medication. Through the introduction of these technologies, they have a hugh impact on the way how we live and work. Some of the technologies such as 3G phone, Advanced GPS system and computing technologies are having a positive impact on our way of life. Let us discuss the pros and cons of the technologies .


    Through the introduction of new technologies, it would not only affect our way of life but also affecting our way of communication. The more flexible and convenient our way of life is, the more likely the improvement of our daily life and hence improve our quality of life. For example, new technologies help us to save more time in dealing with matters such as Business Transaction, Education and Transport system etc.It would encourage more businesses to make transaction through electronics devices and technologies.In addition, it would also improves the way how we treat some kind of diseases through the introduction of some new medical technologies. As a result, more patients are benefit from this technologies.


    Even though there are a lot of advantages for the technologies, it also has some negative impact on our way of life. As our way of life improves through the introduction of new technologies, we would rely on these technologies even more than ever before, hence , it would creates problems such as crimes relating to the application of technologies, such as online Frauding of E-commerce, Fake internet website of multinational corporation and Hacking on the other PC system. These misuse of computing technologies would lead to more crimes and illegal activities.Hence, it would increase the burden of our society to fight against these illegal crimes. In addition, it would sometime has the problem of misusing the pc.

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