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protostar emit visible light嗎

protostar emit visible light嗎

我們之所以看不到protostar而要用InfraRed detector 看

是因為protostar 未emit visible light

還是protostar被molecular cloud cover所以睇唔到

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  • 1 十年前

    protostar 只有10 至20 K, 非常低溫, 出來的只有microwave 和infrared, 沒有visible light.


    Collisions between molecules often leave them in excited states which can emit radiation as those states decay. The radiation is often of a characteristic frequency. At these temperatures (10 to 20 kelvins) the radiation is in the microwave or infrared range of the spectrum. Most of this radiation will escape hence preventing the rapid rise in temperature of the cloud.

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