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財政儲備預計在本年三月三十一日為3,658億元 但是在過去兩年卻預計會出現600億的赤字 雖然實際的赤字並沒有預計的嚴重 但是只有3600億左右的儲蓄並不足夠應付突如其來的事故及經濟事件 我們覺得在財政儲備方面應該多留一點

稅制方面這份預算案沒有詳細提及 所以我們不能作出分析

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    Finance Reserve Department expects that totally reserve has 3,65800millions dollars, but last 2 years had appeared 60000millions deficit. Though they didn't expect the graveness of deficit, but it has only almost 360000millions reserve that it was not enough to tackle precipitate affairs or economic affairs. We should take care in Finance Reserve. In the tax system, the budget didn't detailedly mention about it, so we can not do any analysis.

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    原文中 我們的身份是HK財政儲備評論家,所以語氣要有肯定式權威。

    財政儲備預計在本年三月三十一日為3,658億元。 但是在過去兩年卻預計會出現600億的赤字。 雖然實際的赤字並沒有預計的嚴重 ,但是只有3600億左右的儲蓄並不足夠應付突如其來的事故及經濟事件。 我們覺得在財政儲備方面應該多留一點。。

    稅制方面這份預算案沒有詳細提及, 所以我們不能作出分析。

    The public reserve is estimated at HK$3,658 billion by March 31st this year. However, it was HK$600 billion deficit bugeting for the past two years. Anyway, our HK$3,600 billion reserve is not good enough to handle the unexpected incidents and economic affairs though the actual deficits were not as serious as estimated. We beleive that our reserve should retain a bit more. In respect of taxation, we are unable to analyse on this issue since there is no details in this budget.

    預計是將來未知數,所以不能用past tense. 過去兩年要用past tense. 人們不會有耐性去數一大堆000.000所以用billion. 但香港billions跟US billion不同,最好加注解:HK$1 billion = HK$100 million

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    all billions and millions should not contain s for the above mentioned.不知原因為何每次更正都不成功,只好用補充內容來更正。

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    typing mistakes and wrong terminology with wrong grammer

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    The public finance storage anticipates March 31th in this year is 365,800,000,000 dollarses but in the past two years but anticipate will appear 60,000,000,000 of deficit although the actual deficit didn't severity for anticipating only 360,000,000,000 save or soly also insufficient cope with come all of a sudden of the accident and economic affairs we feel in the public finance and store aspect and should stay much 1:00

    The tax system aspect this budget case didn't mention in detail so we can't make analysis

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    The financial reserve estimate in this year March 31 was 3,,658hundred million Yuan but in the past two years actually estimatedcould have 600 hundred million deficits although the actual deficithas not certainly estimated serious but only has 3,600 hundred millionabout the deposit and is insufficient 夠 deals with the suddenlyaccident and the economical event we thought should keep 1. in thefinancial reserve aspect The tax system aspect this budget document not in detailmentions therefore we cannot make the analysis

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    Finance is it estimate in will it be March 31 this year for 365,800 million but is it can appear 60 billion deficit to estimate in the past two years though real deficit expect to store Serious But only about 360 billion of deposits are not enough to deal with the burst of accident and economic incident We think we store the respect and should stay a bit more in the finance

    The tax system, this budget case, was not mentioned in detail So we can't make analysis

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    But the financial reserve estimate in this year March 31 was 3,658 hundred million Yuan in the past two years estimated actually could have 60,000,000,000 deficits but although the actual deficit has not estimated serious only then 360,000,000,000 about deposits and the insufficient 夠 manipulation suddenly accident and the economical event we thought should keep a tax system aspect this

    budget bill in the financial reserve aspect in detail not to mention therefore we could not make the analysis .

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